ATTENTION: Faith-Based Entrepreneurs...God Has A Message For You
Did you know that God Has messages for you...
A Guided journal for Doing more with the heavenly inspiration: for Calming The Chaos and Simplifying The Stress (You really can't miss this one...)
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What 3am With God Journal and Course Is All About:
#1: Feel God's Inspiration In Your Life
When you are prepared and start listening for God's voice, you will find that He speaks to you all the time.
#2: Comfort Through Inspired Action
When God speaks to you and you take action on it, you'll feel comfort and peace knowing He's directing your actions.
#3: Reduce Daily Stress And Chaos
As you are more aware that God is talking to you, and you act on His inspiration, you'll feel more peace amidst the daily busyness.
3am With God Journal and Course
3am With God is a unique journal for guiding you through the process of writing down your promptings… and the accompanying course shows you how to follow through on what God has inspired you to do. So you can feel more peace and joy in your life, and know that you're being guided and directed, and doing the things God wants you to do.
What People Are Saying:
It's so important to be able to record the thoughts and impressions I get when I hear God's voice. I've noticed that as I write it all down, He speaks to me more often and it gets easier for me to recognize His voice. I really feel like He is leading where I need to go. Thank you so much Jen! I really needed this!
-Jeanie B.
I just used it again this morning! It is important to capture the message before it is lost from memory, and also helps me get back to sleep by doing so. What I particularly like about the 3am With God journal is that it gives me a permanent place to record these special experiences. It is an inspired tool. Thanks so much Jen.
- Ron G.
Since using the 3am With God journal, I have been able to organize the inspired thoughts that come. I am able to look back at those thoughts and write how I took action on them. This journal is very a very powerful tool for personal revelation. 
- Jessica W.
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